U.S. Soldier Leaks Classified Video

July 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

CNN reported today that a United States soldier is being charged by the military for leaking video footage of a helicopter attack to WikiLeaks. The footage features the deaths of 12 civilians, two of which were Reuters Journalists.The video was said to be taken sometime in July of 2007.

The soldier in question, Pfc. Bradley Manning, is currently being detained in Kuwait and is being charged with eight violations of the U.S. Criminal Code for transferring the video footage illegally.Manning is Army Intelligence analyst and has been detained since sometime last month. WikiLeaks publishes videos and other information from anonymously but Manning has been identified as source of the video, which was leaked in April.

Manning allegedly confessed to a former computer hacker about leaking this and other pieces of classified military information in a series of online chats.

The footage going public forced the military to defend the troops in a report claiming the soldiers had no way of knowing the Reuters employees where in the crowd of “suspected” insurgents being targeted.The military has also said that they are assigning a presiding officer to Manning’s case, which is an Article 32 similar to a grand jury, and a decision on whether to court-martial the soldier will soon follow.

Here is the leaked footage shown on CNN


Larry King Live to End,CNN Starts Search for King’s Replacement

June 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

After twenty-five long years, CNN’s Larry King Live will come to an end this fall when King leaves the show.CNN has said they are looking for a replacement for the interviewer. King will not officially retire, he has said he still wants to do work with CNN on specials.

King himself has said he would like Ryan Seacrest of American Idol to be his successor. Others have expressed interest in CBS’s Katie Couric and America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan who is also a British interviewer.

An AP story suggested that it to is bad Conan O’Brien had already gotten another job. While Conan is a good talk show host and would be something new and different for the show I do not think it would be a job for him. While I believe he did a wonderful job taking over The Tonight Show (despite what Leno Lovers and NBC think), I do not think this would be his thing, even if CNN did want to shake the time slot up a bit.

If they want to shake things up they should go with Seacrest. He may be best known for hosting American Idol but he has filled in for King in the past so he knows the ropes. He would know how to do a similar show and retain some King fans if the producers kept it the same and he would still be something new and different to bring in new viewers.

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