Quran burning:Right to Protest or Just Plain Craziness?

September 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

As I am sure most of you have already heard, a Gainesville, Florida Pastor has planned a Quran( Muslim holy book) burning event for Saturday, September 11th to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Despite much controversy, the pastor has said he stands by his decision to burn copies of the Quran and feels that the Muslim religion is evil.

General Petraeus has asked for this event to be stopped as he fears it will put the troops in Afghanistan at risk with Muslim soldiers. I feel Petraeus is right in his fears, it would be very logical to think the Muslims would be angered at Americans for doing such things and being bystanders to such an event. Americans of any religion would be quite angry at people in another country of faiths other than our own burning religious texts such as the Christian bible or the Jewish Torah and we would want to retaliate.

This Pastor may have the right to Protest his hatred for the Muslim religion but burning the Quran is going way to far. not only is he possibly endangering the troops overseas, but he is also damaging the world’s view of America. In other countries, news outlets do not show every piece of good news from America, but bad news pieces, such as those of Americans doing something like burning holy books, will definitely be big headline news all over the world. He is also ruining the reputation of his church as well.


S.C. Expands Gun Laws on Last Day of Session

June 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

The U.S. Supreme court ended its session today and a lot was done.  Not only was this the final day for Justice John Paul Stevens,  but the court also expanded rights to gun owners across the country.The court made other decisions as well making it quite an end to the session.

In a 5:4 vote the S.C. voted that Americans have the right to bear arms in any and all 50 of the United States of America. Of course, there are still conditions such as no guns in a school zone and some people such as the mentally ill being prohibited from owning a gun. Two years ago a handgun ban was put in place in the nation’s capital but today’s ruling makes the ban inactive here on out.

Today marked not only the last day of the session, but also the last day for Justice John Paul Stevens. At 90 years old, he  has served on the court for 34 long years. Today he wore his traditional bow tie and as a tribute to the retiree many people in the courtroom, men and women alike, wore bow ties as well.

Other cases decided upon on this last day of the session included the decision whether to keep the independent board put in place after the Enron scandal and the rights of religious groups on campuses.

In the case of the independent board in another 5;4 ruling it was decided that board is to independent from the president and the rest of government and while the board was left in place, the Securities and Exchange Commission was granted the privilege to fire board members as they see fit.

Finally, in yet another 5:4 ruling on campus religious groups must admit anyone who wishes to join if they wish to receive school funds.

All in all a good last day for this session. What does everyone think of Steven’s replacement Elena Kagan whose confirmation hearings started today?

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