Cap removed from Oil Well, New One to be Installed in a Few Days..

July 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

The latest news on the gulf oil spill is good and bad. BP has removed the cap they had over the well to try to contain some oil despite the fact that it only contained some of the oil. A new, hopefully better cap that should contain more oil from the well will be installed..but no one knows for sure when..hopefully in the next few days according to an NPR story.

Until then however, oil is spilling freely once again in the gulf. The new cap should filter spilled oil towards the cleanup ships on the surface and not out into the free water according BP Senior VP Kent Wells. That is what they are hoping to have happen. But they will not even know for sure how well the new cap works for about a week or so once it is installed.

This is not even a permanent solution yet. That is still in the works. I know it is probably a difficult problem for BP to fix and the pressure from the government, the people of the Gulf along with the rest of the country, and the media. They are planning on putting in two relief wells under the sea floor but when will that be done? If so, will it work? Do people still trust BP anymore?


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