Whats up with “Whats Up in the World”

June 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

To whom it may concern, this is my third blog. My first of which gained mild success and is still doing okay but I have just lost steam with it.My second was a short-lived book review blog which didn’t get much attention from myself or viewers due to my lack of time to read books while in school and working.

This time round I will not focus on one special topic, however I ill writ about wide range of topics. my posts will all have one thing in common though, timeliness. As an aspiring journalist, it is best to write about breaking news. So I will not just write about tattoos,piercings, or books but anything that is current that I find blog worthy.

I will attempt to write once or twice a week maybe more. For now I have two summer online classes and I work part-time. Come September though, I will be back to full-time student status and who knows as far as work foes. (Let’s hope work is some time a least).

Here goes to a successful blog……


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