Southwest Announces Merger with AirTran

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fee friendly airline Southwest announced today that  it is buying fellow low-cost airline AirTran. The price was 1.4 billion dollars however it will cost them somewhere around 3.4 billion in the end. The extra cost will come from paying off AirTran’s current debt.

This deal is a win not only for consumers but also for Southwest as well despite having to pay off AirTran debt. Southwest will now be able to have flights in places such as Boston, New York, and most importantly Atlanta. Their network will expand by 25%  from a numbers standpoint.

Flyers of AirTran will be graced with the lower fees and better service offered by Southwest. Southwest customers will have more options when flying.

The deal has already been approved by both companies boards and only needs to be approved by shareholders and regulators now.


Quran burning:Right to Protest or Just Plain Craziness?

September 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

As I am sure most of you have already heard, a Gainesville, Florida Pastor has planned a Quran( Muslim holy book) burning event for Saturday, September 11th to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Despite much controversy, the pastor has said he stands by his decision to burn copies of the Quran and feels that the Muslim religion is evil.

General Petraeus has asked for this event to be stopped as he fears it will put the troops in Afghanistan at risk with Muslim soldiers. I feel Petraeus is right in his fears, it would be very logical to think the Muslims would be angered at Americans for doing such things and being bystanders to such an event. Americans of any religion would be quite angry at people in another country of faiths other than our own burning religious texts such as the Christian bible or the Jewish Torah and we would want to retaliate.

This Pastor may have the right to Protest his hatred for the Muslim religion but burning the Quran is going way to far. not only is he possibly endangering the troops overseas, but he is also damaging the world’s view of America. In other countries, news outlets do not show every piece of good news from America, but bad news pieces, such as those of Americans doing something like burning holy books, will definitely be big headline news all over the world. He is also ruining the reputation of his church as well.

Salmonella Poisoning/Egg Recall Update

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An NPR article reported that a federal investigation showed the Salmonella poisoning from recalled eggs was found in the feed for the chickens and manure at the Wright County Egg (one of the two farms responsible for the poisoned eggs). The strain found matches that in cases reported by consumers.

So far, about 1,500 consumers have become sick due to the eggs but no deaths have been reported yet. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) said the number of salmonella cases normally reported at this time of year has leaped from around 900 to 2,400. The CDC also said this is the largest outbreak of its kind since they started keeping track in the 1970’s.

FDA wants to use egg recalls to gain more control

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

The recent recalled eggs and salmonella outbreaks are causing the FDA to attempt to request more control in situations such as these. Current law limits the association from preventing events such as these and holding companies responsible in the case of an outbreak.

In an NPR article FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said they need better authority to be truly capable of having control in situations such as the egg recalls and salmonella outbreaks. Usually, I do not think the government should have as much control as they would like to, however in this case, I think a government agency in control of the situation would be a good thing.

Hamburg  advises to consumers to avoid eggs overly runny yolks for the time being. This is especially good advice if your eggs are from one of the two suppliers of the recalled eggs, Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms in Iowa. The two farms actually share a chicken supplier.

Intelligence Agencies, are there to many?

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This morning I heard a report announcing that investigations have revealed a large growth of intelligence gathering agencies in the U.S. since 9/11. But I wonder, are too many agencies of this sort a bad thing?

The Washington Post found during a two-year investigation that there are 1,900 private groups and 1,200 government run  groups working on things such as counterterrorism, homeland security, and intelligence at a total of 10,00 different places around the country.

The Post also said approximately 854,000 have top-secret security clearance. I don’t know how it is that “top-secret” if that many people can access but they say two heads are better than one and I guess 854,000 heads working together should prevent more large-scale terror plots from being carried out, at least I hope that is the case.

Keep in mind, that is just what they Post was able to find. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that there are so many intelligence agents and agencies it is hard to truly know about all of them. They may be more than what the Post discovered.

I think that as long as these agencies are getting the job done we should not worry about having to many of them in business. Can we take another 9/11?

Tea Party Defends Constitution as well as Disliking Taxation

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The TEA party is not just people sick of taxes (Taxed Enough Already), they are also in defense of the United States Constitution, which they feel has been violated lately by certain government actions. While some of the government’s constitution violations have not gone through, others have.

They recently were denied in an attempt to ban guns for U.S. citizens, however the Supreme Court made one of it’s last moves of the recently ended session deciding that the second amendment still stands and Americans can still carry guns. Also, the feds are constantly trying to step on states rights.

Members of the Tea Party are right to defend the constitution. While there are times the old rules set in places hundreds of years ago may need to be changed or thrown out, the basics are things we need to hold onto. Such as the right to bear arms and individual states having control in their own states. If we lose these basics and let the government throw out the framework the country may truly fall.

Cap removed from Oil Well, New One to be Installed in a Few Days..

July 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

The latest news on the gulf oil spill is good and bad. BP has removed the cap they had over the well to try to contain some oil despite the fact that it only contained some of the oil. A new, hopefully better cap that should contain more oil from the well will be installed..but no one knows for sure when..hopefully in the next few days according to an NPR story.

Until then however, oil is spilling freely once again in the gulf. The new cap should filter spilled oil towards the cleanup ships on the surface and not out into the free water according BP Senior VP Kent Wells. That is what they are hoping to have happen. But they will not even know for sure how well the new cap works for about a week or so once it is installed.

This is not even a permanent solution yet. That is still in the works. I know it is probably a difficult problem for BP to fix and the pressure from the government, the people of the Gulf along with the rest of the country, and the media. They are planning on putting in two relief wells under the sea floor but when will that be done? If so, will it work? Do people still trust BP anymore?